Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

There is a wide range of best memory foam mattresses that can be found in their various brands. Actually, they are made from memory foam that softens the body heat and lets the body of being mold to comfortable and warm foam in just a few minutes.

For the memory foam mattress, it is found to have its speediest recovery of getting back at its original shape after the weight of the body is removed. This is now the newest type of foams that comes along its fast recovery qualities. The best memory foam mattress to buy has its standard and foam composition. However, this may be sold at its higher prices as compared to the conventional mattress products. The mattress may have its firmer and softer feel along its deflection rating.

In choosing for the best memory foam mattress, it must provide for the many benefits like sleeping along stability in many of the pressure points of the body. The body is also allowed of enjoying a perfect rest. It should also have the highest density range for the highest supportive properties. Even the thickness is also considered along other various factors like sleeping position and weight.

In the past few years, memory foam mattress has acquired its popularity in the past few years. In fact, many people are starting to appreciate the huge sleep benefits. Sleeping on uncomfortable and lumpy mattress, it is just right to replace it and chuck for the newest memory foam version. There is the highest density of memory foam mattress that comes along highest quality for the deepest sleep as the body is truly supported and cushioned the entire night.

Purchasing the best memory foam mattress is made easier as compared before. It is even possible to choose for one of the best deals that come along a wide array of types and styles. There is surely something that fits on the requirements and budgets.

Memory foam mattress toppers

Among the brands to choose from that best fit on the requirements and budgets of people include the following:

Comfort Dreams

This brand is perfect because it allows you to choose the firmness level like firm, medium or soft. It also has its eleven inch of foam compilation. In this mattress, it comes at its moderate price of four hundred dollar range. It also includes a cotton and microfiber that is manufactured and structured in additional and queen sizes.

Apart from it, its style provides for a relaxing sleep that is made of heavy foam. The good news is that this mattress is being used by the fitness industry due to its injury prevention and orthopedic characteristics.

Slumber Solutions

Slumber Solutions is another style of mattress that allows of having a twelve-inch gel memory solution. It has its three-inch and supreme foam mattress that can be purchased at one-hundred dollars. This mattress comes along a king size and queen size gel. Even its mattress topper may be laid above the standard mattress in your bed. This mattress can be added as another element in the comfort of the home bedding. This is still available in its full selection.

Select Luxury

Select Luxury is also one of the best memory foam mattresses that can be purchased at around one hundred dollars. This can be a topper that is made available in extra large and twin sizes, or in queen. This brand also has its elastic and thick memory that this is a mattress compilation and is an aid for an orthopedic solution.

Apart from it, this product has its one layer of memory fibers and another layer of fiber that is measured of one point seventy-five inches in its thickness. It has its medium firmness and may come in king-sized firmness. In regard with the price range, it starts at around six hundred dollars. This may be a bit expensive but, this is worthy of the price paid for a mattress.

memory foam mattress pads

Sarah Peyton
This foam mattress is relatively new that can be purchased along its cooled technology. This only means of being properly ventilated that provides for cool sleeping. This also comes in its large king size and in style queen size. As for the price range, it may range from three-hundred dollars to five-hundred dollars that depend on its size. This is even resistant on dust mites along its innerspring quality. Apart from it, this comes along contour pillows.


The interesting thing about Priage collection is that it comes along its mixed charcoal, seed oil and green tea. This is safe and pure for meeting the bedding needs at home. The foam mattress eliminates the motion transfer and pressure points. It does not need to be turned or tossed around.

In addition, this may be purchased at around four-hundred dollars and may be available in king and queen size.

Bodipedic Essentials

Bodipedic Essentials is found at its popular and eight inch queen size. It also comes along its wave topper that this is fully equipped with the newest foam technology called as SureTemp. This technology is geared towards improving the airflow. The cover set and mattress topper can be purchased and combined in its queen size that is priced at two-hundred dollars. This is also priced at around three-hundred dollars along its cleaning feature.

The Grande Hotel Collection

The Grande Hotel Collection may include of a four point five inch mattress topper and memory foam. This is a perfect choice for a home bedding because it provides a support on proper posture. It also comes along its foam mattress. As per the sizes, they are available in queen size that this foam topper may start at the price of two-hundred dollars. The fiber topper and mattress mixes the foam mattress and its qualities with the bedding compilation. The bedding collection may come complete for about four-hundred dollars. The sizes may be found in queen and king that the support for the posture is at eleven inch zone.

The best memory foam mattress comes in various brands along various features. Others may even be considered as temperature sensitive that the foam changes to the body temperature. There are still some that eliminate not-so-comfortable pressure points and motion transfer. Although there is no such right answer in choosing for the best mattress, it may still depend on the personal preference.

Buying Memory Foam Mattress and Topper Guides

I should title this post: “Visco Elastic Foam Mattress, or How I Bought a Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Topper and Started Sleeping Like a Baby.” But that’s a little long.

It’s the truth, though. I was one of those people who’s never given much thought to what they’re sleeping on. A mattress is a mattress, right? At some point I realized I was waking up sore every day and it had nothing to do with any physical activity. It was my mattress.

I started doing research on mattresses, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a cheapskate and I didn’t want to spend $1,000 on a new mattress, let alone $500! So I ended up buying a memory foam topper — essentially a memory foam mattress pad. It only coast $280 and it’s well worth it.

memory foam mattress topper

Here’s how this stuff works. The cells that make up the foam are unusual. When you put pressure on them (by say, lying on a bed) the little cells actually collapse completely and spread the tension to adjoining cells. This means that the pressure of your body is spread among lots of the foam cells. (It’s physics and it feels good!) The memory foam reduces the pressure points in your prone body because of the way the cells compress and stay compressed.

The second key to why memory foam works is that it’s temperature sensitive. The NASA guys who first developed it called it “temper-foam” because of its reaction to hot and cold. At lower temperatures it’sfirm and at higher temperatures (like where your 98.6 degree body is touching it) it is more pliable.

This is the reason memory foam is known as visco-elastic memory foam. The melt-y feeling you get from laying on memory foam — that’s because the foam is reacting to the change in temperature.

When you begin your search for a memory foam topper, there are a few things to consider. First, the price is basically going to correlate to the weight. The heavier the foam, the more dense it is, the more it will cost. But that’s OK because if there is anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you get what you pay for.
More money for a denser foam makes sense — it takes more materials to make the heavier foam. The foam is measured in cubic feet, so one cubic foot of memory foam that weighs 5 lbs is considered “5 lb memory foam.”

best memory foam mattress topper

As you’d expect, the denser memory foam, the more it feels like memory foam. Look for at least a 3 lb weight. Anything less and you get the immediate feel of memory foam but very quickly, it’s gone. And it’s because there aren’t enough cells to absorb the weight long term. Yes, it’s cheaper to buy a 2 lb topper, but why bother when an hour later it feels like you’re sleeping on nothing! If you ask me, spend the extra cash and get a 4 lb foam. My mom got a 3 lb (after hearing me rave about mine) and I just had to “test drive” it one night. It wasn’t as good as mine. (Mom, if you’re reading this…. Sorry! But it’s true.)

Buying a mattress topper is a great way to get the benefit of memory foam without breaking the bank on a new mattress. Do a little research before you buy. I’ll share some of the horror stories I read in doing my research, but for now I’ll just say this: buy American. You really want to avoid most foreign made memory foam because there are no regulations about what is added to the foam. You are going to spend 8 hours a day on this purchase — make it a good one.


I’m going to get a bit ‘science’ on you but try to read through all of it. This stuff does really work!

So your body naturally produces a hormone called melatonin when we’re in a dark environment. This is a signal that makes you tired so that you’re ready to go to sleep.

What you want to do is get sunlight as early as possible after waking up so that your body ceases to produce melatonin early on.

Now, sunlight stimulates the production of another hormone called serotonin, which is good at providing energy.

You want to be exposed to light early on so that your body can switch from producing melatonin (the stuff that makes you sleepy) to serotonin (the stuff that makes you energized).

The problem with this is that most of us live in places where we don’t get much light.

The solution

The solution is to use something called a wake-up light. This handy item is similar to an alarm but much less annoying. It emulates sunlight by slowly increasing the light until your room is fully bright.

This then stimulates the serotonin hormone secretion (the stuff that gives you energy), and immediately stops your body from producing melatonin.

Now I’m not going to go into detail explaining how this works, but if you want to see immediate results, check out this product.

You can also have a look at the 1000+ reviews on Amazon to see if it’s right for you.

All I can say is that I’m now waking up much earlier and have been more productive after investing in a wake-up light.

how to wake up early


  1. It’s bedtime

You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box to figure this one out. If you get enough sleep at night, you’re probably going to wake up rested. You should sleep for at least 8 hours.

It’s usually considered that you shouldn’t be sleeping more than 12. However if truly rested, your body won’t want to go back to sleep unless you force sleep upon yourself.

  1. A calculator can help!

Math equation coming up, so get ready.


Here goes.

The number of minutes you sleep should be divisible by 90. You see, a regular sleep cycle of a human lasts about 90 minutes, so basically an hour and a half.

It varies for every person so you might want to experiment what time is the best for you, more or less.

For example if you want to wake up at 9AM, you should probably go to sleep a few minutes before midnight. 9 hours of sleep means 6 full sleep cycles and if you wake up exactly when one ends, you’re most likely going to feel rested.

Yes it’s a bit complicated but if you get the hang of it, you’ll be waking up with no trouble.

Again every person is different so be sure to experiment a bit. You can use this site to help you:

  1. Move the alarm!

When you set your alarm clock, be sure to place it somewhere that’ll make you actually get out of bed in order to turn it off.

When you place your alarm close, you’re probably going to automatically hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

You’ve most likely found yourself looking for your phone or alarm clock all around the bed several hours after it was supposed to wake you up.

  1. An alarm should sing a different song!

Standard alarm clocks usually play the same sound. Unless it’s really loud, if it plays the same tune every time, your body will eventually learn to ignore it.

If you set your alarms on a phone or computer, you should change the alarm sound every few days, or when you find that they aren’t really getting the job done.

  1. Get help!

If you think you might not be able to wake up in time, ask someone to help you. If you’re not living alone that is.

You’ll most definitely be awake because they can always splash a bucket of water in your face if necessary.

  1. Don’t mess up your sleep schedule!

Sleeping in on the weekends is okay, and sometimes going late to bed isn’t that big of a deal either, just don’t make a habit of it.

If you spend too many days going to bed in the morning and waking up in the evening, it’s going to be quite frustrating to get back to a regular sleeping schedule.

Your body clock will switch days with nights. It’s silly sometimes how a body works automatically even though we’re supposed to be controlling it.

  1. You snooze you lose, so don’t snooze!

Avoid hitting the snooze button.

Try motivating yourself so you get up at the first sound of the alarm. You might want to try something that’ll really get your juices flowing.

Perhaps a favorite show, or a game. Something that would be really worth getting out of bed for.

  1. If you beat the alarm clock, get up!

Don’t take it literally.

If you wake up a few minutes before the alarm clock rings, it’s time to get up. Your body has probably gotten used to waking up around that time so you should use that chance to learn how to wake up in time without an alarm clock.

If you try to sleep for a couple of minutes more, you’ll feel drowsy again and when the alarm sounds, well then you’ll really want to smash it.

  1. Don’t turn off the alarm

Who says alarm has to be an annoying sound?

Pick a nice song that puts you in a mood to dance, and set it as your alarm clock. It won’t annoy you and it won’t let you fall asleep, so eventually you’re going to get into the beat.

The trick is finding that one song…

  1. Let the sun inside

Assuming you have to wake up after the sun has come up, you should have your curtains open. This is another one of those things your body does without your permission.

  1. Have a drink!

When you’re sleeping, there’s a lot of stuff going on in your mouth, scientifically speaking of course.

You probably experienced morning breath every time you woke up after a good night sleep. You’ll probably welcome a nice glass of water or some other drink when you wake up, so keep one nearby.

Aside from satisfying your thirst, a drink will cause your body to wake up and get to work. If water doesn’t satisfy your need you can always get coffee or tea.

Setup your coffee maker before you go to bed so you can start making coffee right away.

  1. Don’t eat before bed

Is eating food before bed, damaging to your sleep?

To be honest, we’ve all heard this but I am slightly skeptical. Whenever I eat a ton junk food, it puts me to sleep immediately.

However, this is a general suggestion for your health, not just for waking up. Digesting food isn’t a simple process so you want to leave your body working after you’ve had a big meal.

Going to bed slows down your body functions and that makes digestion even more difficult.

If you go to bed right after you eat, you’ll probably wake up hungry. It’s quite strange isn’t it?

The body will keep pumping insulin that is needed for digestion of sugars, not knowing when to stop.

Just wait an hour or two after you’ve eaten before going to bed to be safe.

  1. Annihilate your bed!

How can a bed you’ve been sleeping on for the past few years be the problem?

Well, just because it hasn’t fallen apart yet doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Or maybe it’s the pillow?

Experiment a bit; change where you sleep.

Try placing a light mattress on the floor and sleep on that for a few days. Sometimes sleeping on the floor can be far more comfortable than a bed. It’s also good for your posture.

  1. If you know you’ll snooze, prepare for it!

Sometimes we snooze 5 times but after the 5th time we actually get up. Set your alarm a bit earlier if you know you’ll snooze.

  1. Something you keep forgetting

Picture this. A world where you can do whatever you want. You want a wall destroyed? Done. It explodes in a fraction of a second.

You want to fly while shooting fire from your fingertips? Be my guest.

As a matter of fact you’ve done these things many times, but you don’t remember.

Why? Because your mind discarded them as junk. Your dreams are not important once they’re over.

Every time you sleep, you dream. The memories are still there, for the first few minutes in the morning. As soon as you get up from bed they start to fade.

Start writing them down as soon as you wake up.

In fact, Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ was written directly from her nightmares.

It may be slightly difficult with a blurry vision but still, it’ll motivate you to awaken and write because at that moment you’ll realize what you experienced.

I did this and read my journal a few weeks later, I had completely forgotten about these amazing dreams until that moment.

  1. Get fit and you’ll sleep less

Not only will it drain your energy, working out will get your body fit so you’ll need less sleep to recover the energy.

  1. Get a second alarm

Scheduling the alarms on your phone to ring at a specific or at different times can be quite effective.

When the first alarm rings you’ll be awaiting the second. It’ll go off and hopefully wake you or you’ll get up and turn it off before that. Either way, you’ll get up!

  1. Don’t sleep

If you stayed up too late, sometimes it’s better to not sleep at all. If it’s only one day of not sleeping that is.

If you’re still awake at 5AM going to bed then will mess up your sleep cycle, and if you try to sleep for an hour you’ll either oversleep or wake up in an hour feeling even more tired.

  1. Don’t close your eyes!

If you can’t get out of bed, keep your eyes open. If you close them for a few seconds you’ll automatically start drifting to sleep again.

It’ll probably be difficult but get up and do something, anything. Remaining still will keep your body calm and sleepy. So either write something or start getting dressed.

Just activate yourself.

  1. Drink before you go to bed

Water that is… insomnia treatment

Aside from vitalizing your body and boosting it during sleep, it also makes you go in the morning. So if your alarm doesn’t wake you up, the need to visit the bathroom will.

  1. Battle meditation!

Battle the sleepiness with meditation! If you’re used to it. Meditation takes a while to get used to but once you get into it, it can really help.

Try to meditate first thing in the morning to fight the drowsiness. Aside from the battle, meditation can make you pretty comfortable.

  1. Sit in bed

Keep your eyes closed if you must, but remain sitting up. You’ll slowly wake up and start thinking about what’s next in your day.

  1. Just get to the bathroom already!

You always have to go in the morning, at least a little. Since you’re already there, start the regular morning routine you have. Brushing teeth, etc. Wash your face as well. That really helps wake you up.

  1. Be grateful

When you wake up, try to get started thinking. List 10 things that you’re grateful for every morning. This exercise will definitely give you a nice shake from the sleep as well as lift your mood for the beginning of the day.

  1. Use the time you sleep

As you’re sleeping, set your computer to do something. Clean, download or something like that, natural sleep aids

And as it’s doing that, set an alarm. Speakers will blast some pretty decent sounds. You can move them away from your bed so you’ll have to click around to lower the volume.

And aside from that, your computer is already on! You can go online instantly. Might be blurry but that won’t stop you eh?

  1. Hiding the alarm

Tell someone to hide your alarm somewhere in the room where you’ll be sleeping. Once it starts beeping like crazy you have to find it in the morning, causing you to invest some energy and get up! Benefits of waking up early

  1. Encoded alarm. How evil can one be?

Set an alarm and give someone your phone to change the screen lock. In the morning you have to guess the screen lock when the annoying thing starts beeping. They can give you a hint or anything similar but the point is you’ll get so frustrated, you’ll rip the battery out, provoking rage. Boom, you’re awake. Just don’t kill anyone.

  1. Panic yourself up!

Put your phone under a glass of water near your bed. Once you automatically try to shut it off you’ll most likely spill it everywhere. We all panic with spilled stuff. Or…well…you’ll just ignore it.

You may want to place the water on a very sensitive spot, possibly where it might slap you in the face.

  1. Get pets

Does this need to be explained? How to get to sleep

  1. Get kids.

Well, I don’t suppose you can. GET a kid just like that. But they generally are walking police cars. So if you have some, you know they’re going to cute your sleep short.

  1. Get a ridiculously cool and potentially expensive alarm clock

They make alarm clocks that require your full attention to turn them off. There is one that shoots a spinning circle somewhere in the room, and you have to get the circle and insert it in the slot for the alarm to stop.

There’s an alarm that runs away from you, literally. It keeps rolling all over the room in random directions while making a ridiculously annoying noise. Check some others! They’re quite interesting, and effective from what I can hear. Well, until you decide to put your foot in them literally.

Sadly, we’ve come to an end. I hope that these tips for waking up early were of some benefit. If you have any more tips you’d like to add to this page, feel free to leave a comment here.

How to fall asleep fast


People usually don’t take sleep very seriously even though there are tons of benefits of sleep. We mostly adapt to our everyday life and force our body’s clock to adapt to our daily one. People often believe sleep is something unnecessary and something that just takes up time.
I mean why would you want to waste most of your night in one position when there’s so much you could do?

It’s a huge mistake of course and we probably wouldn’t be doing it so frequently if we knew what the real consequences are, which may be why we have sleep problems.

Listen to your body

If it needs sleep, try your best to please it. It’s very important to have enough sleep for your body to revitalize. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to function. If you ever had to work a double shift or stay awake for the night, you probably noticed how your body was affected.

Your concentration and attention greatly depend on it. These two things are hardly controllable and if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will try to get it by force. Like it or not, you cannot choose to stay awake for too long because you’ll eventually start drifting to sleep.

Lack of sleep can kill you

Drifting asleep isn’t that big of a deal whether you’re in a meeting or a classroom. However there’s been many deaths associated with people falling asleep while driving for example. It’s generally good for the health and although it’s not that big of a deal to pull an all-nighter, it’s still in your best interest to be healthy and function properly.

It’s not just in your mind

Aside from giving spirit to your limbs, sleep improves your creativity as well as your social skills. Some people require a few hours of sleep, whereas others need quite a bit more. Naturally everyone’s body is different so you should listen to yours and see what it can teach you.

It’s not a disease, but lack of it can cause some. Many mental illnesses have been connected to lack of sleep. And although it’s not exactly a disease, irregular behavior is also a common result. Anger and stress have often been connected to it. Although the human brain remains a mystery even today, it’s obvious what it can do for you.

Your mind works out through its own issues when it’s in the stage of dreaming, and should you decide to skip this process repetitively, your levels of stress will increase.

There is no replacement for sleep, and people often cling to alcohol, cigarettes or coffee for a quick fix. It works once or twice but after a while it becomes and addiction.

It shatters your biological clock and causes your body and mind to go into chaos. Hopefully these tips on how to go to sleep will be of some benefit.

how to fall asleep fast


You’re a human, few limbs and a face, and like so many other human beings, you sometimes have trouble going to sleep at night.

Skim these tips and find the ones that you think may work. The key is to keep on testing until you finally find something that helps you to fall asleep fast.

1. Read a book

I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to fall asleep fast is to crack open a book and start reading. Soon you’ll start dozing off and hopefully you’ll be able to gain something out of reading too.

There are tons of awesome books on Amazon that cost hardly anything if you purchase them onto your Kindle. I’ve learnt more reading books in the past 5 years than I’ve learnt spending 20 years in ‘government education’.

2. Get comfortable!

Everything should be perfect. The bed, your clothes and your positioning. All of this is personal preference, so find what works best for you. Adjust the lighting and the surrounding sound. You should also try going to bed at the same time every night.

3. Use your bed for sleeping only

It’s a psychology thing. Don’t drink, eat or play games in your bed.
If you use your bed specifically for sleeping, your body will get used to the idea and you’ll fall to sleep instantly because your body knows that’s the place to rest. natural sleep remedies

If you want a more scientific explanation of why this is, check out Ivan Pavlov’s experiment on a dog, where he produced a similar result with food.

4. Measure the temperature

I’m going to get a bit technical, but try not to skip this point. It’ll come in pretty useful… I promise.

So your body has a specific temperature that your brain tries to maintain. This is known as the set point.

A slight drop of temperature in your set point is what allows you to sleep in peace. If the room is too hot or too cold, then your body will struggle to achieve the set point.

The solution is to adjust the temperature of your room to 65 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can purchase a gauge to measure if your room has the right temperature. This temperature varies from person to person, so be sure to test and see what works for you.

5. Digest cat urine

Ever wondered how you could sleep for 12 hours yet wake up feeling like crap?

The main reason for this is because of low blood sugar. In the book ‘The four-hour workweek’ Tim suggests that you should have 2 tablespoons of organic almond butter with a couple of celery sticks just before you go to bed.

He also mentions that it tastes like cat urine mixed with asparagus. I’ve tried eating this but honestly I couldn’t hack it. It tastes seriously bad.

I remember Tim mentioning somewhere that you could also try having a few spoons of honey before you go to sleep.

6. Kill the lights

Reduce the amount of light exposure by 30 minutes before you go to bed. This is because light increases the levels of alertness and will give you sleeping problems. can’t sleep at night

So instead of standing under the full beam of the light while brushing your teeth, try to do it an hour earlier.

Russell Foster has done an awesome Ted talk, where he talks about this in more detail.

7. How much can you bench?

We’ve all heard this before, but can exercise really improve sleep?

A very recent poll done by the National Sleep Foundation found that regular exercisers have a more peaceful sleep.

Now, what’s important isn’t that you should work out until you have muscle failure.

What’s important is that you do some simple exercise such as taking a walk for 10 minutes or walking up and down the stairs a few times.

However, as the poll had shown, the more intense your exercise is, the better your sleep will be. They found that people who had done rigorous exercise, where twice as likely to get better sleep than those who didn’t.

They also found that two thirds of the vigorous exercisers are faaaar less likely to get symptoms associated with insomnia such as having trouble going to sleep and having trouble waking up early and then falling asleep.

I’m pretty lazy, but what I try to do is exercise vigorously at least 2 – 3 times a week. On the days that I don’t work out, I just take a walk outside or as mentioned before, walk up and down the stairs a few times.

8. Get off your backside!

In the same poll mentioned above, they found that people who sit less than 8 hours a day are far more likely to have better health as well as improved sleep. tricks to fall asleep

A few things you could do to avoid spending too much time on your seat is to spend a minute every hour just standing up and stretching your legs as well as moving around during your break.

9. Have a bath before going to bed

Having warm baths relaxes the body; it also helps with headaches too.

Aside from that, you should try to go to bed right after a bath, as that’s when you’ll most likely feel relaxed.

10. Avoid taking long naps during the day

If you’ve rested quite a bit during the day, then you’ll have trouble falling asleep at night.

Instead you should take a short nap for a maximum amount of 20 minutes. For most of us, any longer than this and you’ll go into deep sleep.

The problem with going into deep sleep is that it’s difficult to wake up from. If you’ve ever suddenly woken up from being in deep sleep, you’ll know the type of tired-feel-like-crap feeling you get.

11. Avoid stress

Going to bed gives us a chance to really think about our recent experiences. If you’ve had something constantly popping up in your mind and causing you to be stressed, try to relax and let it go.

It’ll most likely prevent you from falling asleep. Try mediation, or any other form of relaxation.

12. Avoid caffeine close to bedtime

Some people cannot even think of sleep if they’ve had a sip of coffee. However for some of us, drinking energy drinks or coffee has no effect.

As a rule of thumb, the latest you should consume caffeine is at 2pm.

13. Don’t do anything active before bedtime

I’ve previously mentioned that you should do exercise in order to have a goodnights sleep. However, you need to do your workout at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

This is because your body sleeps better in colder conditions (I talk about this in more detail below). By working out a few hours before you fall asleep, you allow your body to cool down. Thus getting a good nights rest.

14. Count sheeps

Count sheeps or do something similar. Did you ever wonder why people fall asleep when a dangling object is hypnotizing them?

It makes their eyes tired. I’m not really debating mental hypnotizing, I’m just saying. Try that along with the combination of the other tips mentioned above.

I hope that these tips on how to fall asleep instantly will be useful. Be sure to test each tip to see what works for you and what doesn’t.