gift ideas for 30th birthday

30th Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Finding the right birthday gift for your best friend is extremely important because if you can’t buy her a great gift, then no one can. If it’s a landmark birthday then you’ve got your work cut out for you; ordinary gifts won’t work. For the big birthdays like 30th birthdays, most people throw surprise parties for their best friends and think that it’ll work as a gift but a real gift is still in order at the end of the day. Something like the top-rated bluetooth earphones would work great.

If you’re a guy then the only surprise party that you can single handedly throw is paying for dinner at a restaurant; which isn’t exactly special.

Birthday gifts that you can’t get your best friend include gift certificates; movie tickets and CDs. If you’re buying for a girl then there’s the obvious choice of buying apparel but you can’t get her a gift certificate or any other kind of gift voucher, you’ll have to buy something (and include the receipt).

Food is always a great gift in most cases; but the food has to be something extra special and unique. Birthday food treats like birthday gift baskets or fresh fruit bouquets that most people go crazy over. Just looking at them makes you hungry and they’re considered a top notch indulgence so it’s a great gift for just about anyone.

It does not matter how old we get we still all like to remember that special day each year which celebrates the first day we came into this world. However, if you are looking for something to present to a family member of friend that will remind them of who they are and how special they are then why not consider getting them a birthday gift basket.

Not only can you not go wrong with giving someone one of these, but you will also find that they are a hit with anyone that receives one. However you may be faced with the dilemma of just what you should be putting into the birthday gift basket to ensure that it really is the perfect gift. Well what you actually put into the basket will depend upon the person who is receiving it, remember every one is an individual and everyone is different. Also it depends on who the gift basket is for is it for a child or for an adult? But one of the best ways of designing the perfect birthday gift basket to give to that special person is to look at their interests and what they like. However below we provide you with some ideas.

1. Women

A great idea for any woman, whether it is your own mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, wife or family friend they love to be pampered. So why not provide them with a pampering basket which is full of an assortment of various body and bath products along with some scented candles, a CD of soothing sounds or their favorite singer.

Whilst if the recipient is a keen gardener then why not make up a birthday gift basket that contains various garden implements such as a hand fork and trowel, some gloves as well as some seeds and beautiful bottle of natural hand lotion.

2. Men

They really are not as hard to please as you may think. For their birthday gift basket, you could fill one with small tools and gadgets that they always talking about but never seem to get round to buying for themselves. However, what you will need to include within this particular birthday gift basket is some of their favorite treats as well. Whilst if you want to provide them with something that is a little more special then why not provide them with a birthday gift basket that contains a bottle of their favorite tipple (cognac or port) and some really nice gourmet treats that you know they will enjoy.

A birthday gift basket should be selected in accordance with your dad’s tastes, interests, hobbies and his special interests in sports, activities, etc.

gift ideas for 30th birthdayFollowing are some ideas to make the best birthday gift baskets for your dad:

If your dad loves to travel, you can set him up with a gift basket full of travel gadgets, and coupon codes that you found online to save money off of his booking. You can use travel deals sites like this:

o Gift items like his favorite food along with wine bottles can be stuffed in the basket.

o Alternatively, a combination of his favorite bath accessories and hair styling products can also be gifted.

o You can add a ticket to his favorite movie or a DVD with things like popcorns, cookies, etc.

o If your dad likes to spend time in gardening you can gift him a basket full of gardening tools and accessories. These may include a trowel, pruning shears, seed packets and gloves.

o If your dad loves to read books, you can assemble some of his favorite books and gift them in a basket stuffed with other items such as bookmarks, book covers, highlighters, and a small pocket dictionary.


Thus, whatever you finally decide to gift and whatever you stuff the gift basket with, your gift will be an expression of love and appreciation, and will be loved by your dad.