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Men’s Watch Boxes – Gift Ideas for Men

If you are looking for thoughtful and practical gifts for the men in your life, for Father’s Day, graduations or weddings, then you should consider getting a men’s watch box. These boxes hold more than watches as they organize jewelry, watches, keys, coins, cuff links, glasses and personal electronics in style. And with a quick check for an online discount code, it won’t cost you a pretty penny.

A description of some of the most popular men’s watch boxes will give you an idea of the range of possibilities that you can choose from. If your special man is a serious watch collector, then the 12 watch luxury maple collector’s box by RaGar is a gift to consider.

The fine maple wood grain of this box will fit with any decor, and the 12 pillows for watches of all sizes will allow a watch enthusiast to store and display his watches in one place. The box is made by RaGar, a leading manufacturer in the field of luxury giftware and is available for $248.00. If the “Dad” in your life is a watch collector, then this is the perfect gift for him.

If your gift recipient is keen to display his watches for others to admire, then an excellent choice would be the burl wood oak multiple watch jewelry box with a glass viewing top. This box, made by the Mele Jewelry Box Company, holds 10 watches, five in the upper part under the display panel and five more in a sliding drawer. It lists at $105 and its discount special price of $79.95 makes it an exceptional value for your gift giving needs.

For the modern young graduates on your gift list you might also want to try a men’s black java wood charging valet and electronics station jewelry box. As the name indicates, this box provides storage and a charging station for electronic devices such as cell phones, Blackberrys or iPods. It holds three electronic devices as well as jewelry and accessories in a pull-out drawer with ring rolls. The power cords are fed through the back and hidden in a bottom compartment. It is definitely a handsome way for graduates to stay organized and with a list price of $100 and a sale price of $69.95 it will allow you to stay within a popular gift giving budget.

As an alternative to wood, you can also opt for a leather watch and jewelry box. RaGar offers a handsome fine leather box with six watch pillows and a storage compartment for cuff links, a cell phone and other jewelry and accessories. It measures 11 x 8 1/4 x 3 1/4 and would be a classy addition to any man’s dresser top. With a list price of $145 and a sale price of $119.95, it would make the perfect gift for any man who is particular about his watches and accessories.

mens watch boxIf you are giving a gift for a frequent traveler, then you might want to select a black leather five-watch travel jewelry case. This is another RaGar product and it features fine leather in black or brown with 10 4 3/8 x 3 1/2 dimensions that fit easily into any suitcase. It has five watch pillows, a snap closure and is generously sized to cushion and protect up to five watches. Its $79.95 sale price makes it an attractive gift item, for Father’s Day, graduation gifts or wedding and anniversary celebrations.

A leather watch box is fairly easy to clean. Use a cloth with a moisturizing soap on it, just as with leather furniture. Don’t use too much soap, just enough to clean the leather. One benefit of this treatment is that you can actually leave the soap on the box, since the leather will absorb it and stay supple. You can then polish the box with a microfiber cloth.

The inside of watch cases should also be kept clean, since this is where the watches reside, and dust there could damage the mechanisms of the watches. If you have a vacuum with a small brush attachment, you should be able to clean the larger interior portions of the watch gift with that. Smaller items, such as watch pillows and watch rolls can be removed and vacuumed, or brushed with a soft brush to dislodge any dust that has accumulated. Faux suede interiors can also be brushed, and if the watch box interior is real suede, a small amount of suede cleaner may be used.

Brass hinges should be kept clean, as should brass keys and locks, by the use of brass cleaner on a cloth. Make especially sure that all traces of the cleaner are removed, however; if not, the hinge can get gummed up and/or stuck.

Consider your watch box a fine piece of furniture, rather than a mere container, and care for it accordingly. The time and materials you invest in caring properly for your watch box will obviously pay great dividends in terms of extending the life and durability of the box, and it will increase the pleasure you derive from using the box to protect and display your watches.